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Welcome fellow citizen. The Jeffersonian Church is an individualistic "religion", based upon the simple teachings of Jesus of Nazareth as found in the Jefferson Bible. The Jefferson Bible was perhaps Thomas Jefferson's best kept secret. Jefferson strictly ordered that this significantly smaller Bible that he had "pulled out of" the King James Version Bible was not to be published, and his family continued to honor this request of his for another 60 years after his death, just to assure that the memory of Jefferson might not be tainted by those who might not agree with his religious views. In his Bible, Jefferson literally "pared away" with a razor blade, all of what he felt was the chaffe, from what he recognized as the "wheat" so to speak. What was left was a beautiful edition of the Bible in which we can begin to get a better sense of Jesus, the "common man" teaching us about simple morality (not a Jesus who is the Son of God, forcing us to scrape and bow before a God who demands a human blood sacrifice). 

Might you still believe in a "Higher Power" or God, yet for some reason your old church seemed to stop feeling "right" for you, and eventually you stopped attending altogether? Do you believe in a loving God, but are not entirely comfortable with a God of retribution as associated with the "He died for Your sins" theology? Does the idea of a God who would demand a payment in human blood from you because you were "born in sin", seem a bit far fetched to you? Might the picture of a God who would set up a world where all must automatically pay a sacrifice to Him in human blood seem just a bit odd to you? If so, then please read on.  Jeffersonian Christainity skips all of the "Born in sin" theology, and only asks that we strive to do our very best. We consider ourselves as Christians, in the sense that we believe that we follow the teachings of Jesus that he first taught concerning brotherly love and personal forgiveness of one another. About the "he died for my sins" theology, which seems to us to have come a bit later, we do not know.

Were you one who, when younger, upon first hearing or reading about Jesus’ famous Sermon on the Mount about the ways of a loving and caring “Heavenly father”, you found some inspiration in these words? Did that sermon speak to you? After reading the pages of this website, it is our hope that you might again be willing to revisit the teachings of Jesus as found in the Jefferson Bible. Have you ever been asked, “what do you believe in,” and then wished that you had some sort of a peg on the wall where you could hang your hat, and when asked, point out to others, proudly saying, “This is the belief system that I happily abide by, this is my church”? (A church that asks only that its members abide by Jesus’ simple moral teachings about brotherly love.) Have you ever asked yourself, "Where did the loving God of the Sermon on the Mount ever get sent off to, and from where did this judgmental God, with such a demand for blood and retribution, and such a focus on sin, ever come from to take His place? 

The Jeffersonian Church works to retrieve the God of the Sermon on the Mount, and to quietly retire the God of blood sacrifice and retribution. We work to retrieve what was once taught, namely that we are each equally a child of God, and to quietly retire the position of “sacred interpreter” or “divine oracle” of God. We believe that we each bear equal responsibility (and ability), to listen for and to hear each of our own unique and ordained callings. For those who would look, within the Jefferson Bible all of these teachings can be found. If this is a type of “theology” that might interest you, then welcome, and please read on. If you might like to consider becoming one of the "founding members" of what may be a significant movement in modern day America, then by all means, please read on sooner, and not later. Your input in early content and policy would be sincerely appreciated.